Who is the producer for Mahesh next movie?


After Brahmotsavam failing miserably at box office, Mahesh and PVP Cinema still agreed to do a movie together, in-spite of losses that have occurred. All things were set and even Mahesh agreed not to charge them for their second film.

After this there was also news that this upcoming PVP and Mahesh movie will be directed by Vamshi Paidapalli. Previously Vamshi has also worked with PVP cinema’s production by directing Opiri and it was expected that everything is going smooth.

But it was not, the shocking news is that PVP Cinema banner has walked out of this joint venture. So now that position is taken over by another top producer Dil Raju. Currently, he is ready to take the take the production responsibility and all set to start working on this grand project.

Report says that Mahesh was not interested in doing this movie with PVP Banners again. So Dil Raju stepped in taking the role of producing this flick. Dil Raju is personally close with both Mahesh and Vamshi. People are still waiting for an official announcement from the officials

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