Is this the fate of PuriJagannath ?


One time popular director PuriJagannath seems to be in grave trouble. There was a time when all heroes wanted to act with him, but now the scenario is quite different. After ISM failed at the box office, no hero wants to work with Puri anymore.

It is noted that Puri’s movies don’t have a correct story and he keeps on dragging his movies unnecessarily for 3 hours. Apart from that producers spent a huge amount of money on his films and suffer losses incurred by him.

Even in his recent directorial flick ISM, Kalyan Ram invested a huge amount in this movie. ISM failed drastically at the box office which disappointed Kalyan Ram to a huge extent. Not only him, but other actors who are working with him are also whining the same.

So, now Puri has to pull up his socks up and have to concentrate on better subjects so that he could gain his popularity back which he used to have earlier. He should concentrate on his story, subjects and stop dragging his flicks without any reason.

Competition in the market among directors has increased and actors are turning towards new directors who are having innovative ideas. So Puri has to plan his next venture very carefully so that star could trust him again and sign up with him for his flicks.

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