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Pittagoda is released today, breaking a jinx of Friday movie releases. This film was in buzz because it is produced by Suresh Production. Now let's see how this movie has done in the theatres.


The film revolves around the life of four friends. They live in Godavari Khani, a small town in Telangana. They don't stay serious in their lives. However they decide to do something big and plans to arrange a cricket match in their town.

Now, the main twist in the plot will come, when one of their friends fall in love and then stop the matches. This then lands them in trouble and even they end up in jail. Now it would be interesting to see why this happened? why their friendship broke? and how they reunite together?

To know all this you have to go to theatres and watch this flick.


The main point which this movie is attracting audience is the realistic action skills which is done by artists. They brought the correct emotions which goes through middle class people. They made us realize that everything is real. Every emotion which is portrayed by the characters were best. Purnavi has created the impact which everyone requires to do it in their movies. Debutant hero Vasudev has also given a remarkable performance. First half of the movie is quite interesting as it shows everything in crisp and short matter. Even director made sure that there is no need of unnecessary drama in this flick.

Apart from last 15 minutes the total movie was good. At points important message of the movie is forgotten and there is quite hurry in this flick.

Technical Analysis:

Production of the flick was at its best. The environment and cinematography were at its best. Music by Kamalkar was best , his music is well reflected in background score. Screenplay was excellent and editing was at its best.

Anudeep who made his debut as director, have proved himself by selecting a good love story and presented it in a beautiful way. His narration of the story was awesome. If he had put more concentrate on climax part it would be outstanding.


Pittagoda is a good movie with decent love story. It doesn't have hi-fi sets or anything else, but it's simple story concept will conquer your heart. Story is predictable, but if you ignore this then Pittagoda is a good movie to watch.

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