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Title : Vangaveeti (2016)
Star Cast : Sandeep, Vamsee Chaganti, Naina Ganguly
Music : Ravi Shankar
Producer : Dasari Kirankumar
Director : Ram Gopal Varma

Releasing on : Dec 23rd, 2016

It seems that Ram Gopal Verma has delivered an another sensational movie after a long time and this time his movie subject itself is attracting a mass audience to go to theatres and watch it. Here is the review of Vangaveeti.


The story revolves around the political scenario of Vijayawada during 1970’s. The main character is Vangaveeti Ranga, who became a huge mass leader. He is a good guy, starts his fight with other political leaders, especially with Vangaveeti Radha, who works as assistant of Chalasani Venkat Ratnam.

This whole real political scenario took place during the time of NTR rule in Andhra Pradesh. A lot of murders, atrocities were committed during this time. High political tension and drama always prevailed at that time. To know what happens in the movie go to the theatres and watch it.


It is no doubt that Ram Gopal Verma has a good taste about choosing artists who would do justice to the role. Sandeep who portrayed the character of Vangaveeti Ranga has given his best performance. He has blended himself in the character so much that you can feel as if you are seeing real Vangaveeti.

Vamsi and Katilya too have justified their roles to a great extent. In short, each and every actor in the movie have given their best to make this a great movie. The whole story is taken from real life events which took place in Vijayawada during 70’s and continued till 80’s.

Technical Aspect:

This time RGV has made sure that everything is perfect and there are no technical flaws that we can point out. The Cinematography was par excellence and Background score can make you feel the intensity of the movie. Production has been done well and after watching this film you will be praise RGV once again.


Vangaveeti is completely based upon the political parties and their reactions. This time Ram Gopal Verma has made sure that no controversy takes place and he did his part. He showed the audience the negative side of three main political figures of that time Radha, Ranga and Nehru.

Background narration and powerful action scenes will keep the audience gripped to their seat and the same intensity continues to second half. Vangaveeti creates an impact on people who will watch it as it deal with an interesting subject.

Verdict :

Vangaveeti has impressed us very much. The performance and the narration of RGV will leave you awestruck and you will watch it once again. Watch Vangaveeti and you won’t regret it.

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