Dhruva Movie Review


After a long wait, #Dhruva has finally hit the Tollywood screens and this time it seems that #RamCharan and his team has given their best to make this movie successful. There has been a mixed review which is being given by people.

The first question which hovers in every people mind is whether Dhruva is better than original #ThaniOvuran ? Well the answer to this question depends on you. However, each and every character has done their justification. Arvind Swamy, Posani , Rakul and Charan all have done their best.

Movie reviewers have said that movie is good but not best as its original movie was. Dhruva can be placed between average to good. The first half of the movie was good but the second half disappointed maximum by being draggy. The movie would have been a blockbuster hit if the second half would be the same.

People loved songs picturization and they loved the music which is given by #HipHopTamiza. Meanwhile, Ram Charan acting is being praised by many. It is after #Magadheera that everyone has seen Charan perform this good.

Now its matter of time to see how rest of #Tollywood review Dhruva. Whether they make it a blockbuster hit or an average movie.

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