Smartphone gun: Palm-sized pistol looks like a mobile phone when folded up


MONTICELLO, MINNESOTA — A Minnesota startup has come up with the latest innovation in concealable weapons — a gun that looks like your run-of-the-mill mobile phone.

According to CNN Money, entrepreneur Kirk Kjellberg developed the Ideal Conceal gun as a way to carry a weapon without bothering other people.

Unlike other easily concealed guns like the folding revolver or the Taurus Curve — a gun shaped like a box with rounded edges — its main draw is that it doesn't look like a gun when folded.

A double barreled .380 caliber derringer, the Ideal Conceal is designed to resemble a smartphone. It transforms into a gun when the safety clicks open and releases the grip.

The gun cannot be fired while in its locked position, making it safe to carry while clipped to the side or in a purse.

The palm-sized pistol addresses the demand for easy-to-carry guns that can be accessed quickly for self-defense, according to the brand's website.

Already, Kjellberg has received thousands of emails from people who want to buy the weapon. It will sell for $395 when it goes on the market later this year.

Not everyone is sold on the idea, though. CNN Money reports that law enforcement officials are concerned about a weapon disguised as something else and hidden in plain sight. And depending on state and local laws, Ideal Conceal carriers may still be required to have a concealed carry permit. 

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