Ravichandran’s Apoorva Verdict: ‘Intolerable Cruelty On The Audience’


Ravichandran’s latest flick ‘Apoorva’ which has him in multiple avatars – as director, producer, scenarist and actor has hit the theatres on 27th, after two years of grueling work from the talented man. However, it seems that there is a negative response galore throughout the Kannada movie goers, who thinks the movie is a combination of his earlier movies Ekangi and Kalavida. The critics also are at a loss for words, considering that the movie has come out of a prestigious source.

The story revolves around the budding romance of a 54 old man and a girl in her 20’s (Apoorva) who were stuck in a lift for more than 2 hours. However, there are solitary voices which vouchsafe for the movie saying that it is an experimental one with less of story and more of shots, expressions, mental trauma and is about life and death.

The movie could be an attempt at a deep theory presented in a simple style, without the usual noisy BGM, music and dance sequences and highhanded dialogues. Either way, the movie is rejected by the audience chiefly because of the absence of entertainment value and the slow pace of it.  

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