Krishna Rukku Movie Review

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A small budget movie in Telugu took Tollywood by storm with its innovative presentation of a regular story, and the impressive acting skills of all the actors in the movie. Uyyala Jumpala is the inspiration of the Kannada movie Krishna Rukku, which falls in the genre of romantic comedy, with stress on the word comedy. 

Krishna and Rukku are cousins and almost always at loggerhead for the simplest and silliest of the reasons and live close to each other, since one of each of their parents are siblings, though not quite loving and caring as the siblings should be. The cousins were brought up by the families, and they are not really aware how they feel for each other and go with their instinct to hurt each other and make mayhem for each other, till there is a twist in the film which made them realize that they are made for each other.

Ajai Rao as Krishna has a funny bone, good enough to make us giggle with his histrionics of going out of his way just to trouble his cousin. His pensive moods and mood swings come out believable and tugging the heartstrings of women. Amulya as the young and bubbly Rukmini is mesmerizing. Most of the cast did a good job, may it Girija Lokesh or Lekha.

The movie is set in a rural background, with the typical village scenes sprinkled throughout, which is a feast to your eyes, thanks to cameraman Jagadish Wali. KM Prakash’s editing is nothing special, although it never made the scenes jarring. Music by Sridhar V Sambhram was interesting and quite enjoyable. Anil Kumar has directed the actors and manipulated the set in such a way, that you have an inkling that you have actually seen it somewhere, sometime in your real life. He earns a standing ovation from the audience

The movie is a flash of sunlight, which just leaves a smile on your face with its simplicity and controlled direction. None of the characters have gone overboard with their acting and that too is a plus point in the movie. When you watch a feel good movie, you don’t think too much about the technicality of the film, as long as it doesn’t come out as exaggerated or artificial. In that sense, the movie is quite entertaining.

Watch the movie for a good two hours of laughter and light hearted experience.

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