U-Turn Movie Review


Pawan Kumar has already proved that he is capable of directing movies in his own style, no matter what the plot is. If Lucia was an earlier example of his prowess, U- Turn is the new one. The director has dared to mix two unusually unmixable elements and come out a winner with this movie.

When you have the bug to excavate truths and get it splashed on print, you just do it without much ado. That’s what the girl in the movie does- chuck her engineering degree and turn into a newspaper intern. She is quite excited and eager to establish her change of career as one of her best decision, by going about investigating the illegal U-turns the commuters take on the double flyover in her city, Bengaluru.

Unfortunately, things are not as she expected and are much deeper than she anticipated. In the middle of her enquiries into the discrepancies, one of the witnesses she is interviewing is dead, and naturally the eye of accusation is on her. So far, it is modern, rational and believable. Then comes a supernatural element, which not only gets the journalist out of the mangle, but proves in not so uncertain way the existence of the ethereal side.

Pawan Kumar, who is more of a serious director, is quite adept with this movie too, with his deft and crisp direction. However, the mixing of logic and supernatural doesn’t go too well with audience of either interest. Also the slightly stale ending is not what you expect, considering the intelligently made first half.

Shradda Sreenath has done a crackling work in this movie as the intern. Roger Narayan, the Bollywood actor as the policeman also has adapted to the Kannada style of acting and has come across as a good actor. Cinematographer Sathya Hegde has done a spectacular job with his camera, cleverly and with so much of innovative ideas.

Tejaswi as always goes with the flow with his BGM and songs. another contributor to make this movie special is Suresh, the editor, snipping away and connecting scenes in seamless way.

U-Turn definitely is a must watch, at least to check out Shraddha and the supernatural angle..

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