Thithi; Movie Review

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After making rounds in many film festivals and bagging the prestigious National Award for Best Film, Thithi is released for public viewers yesterday. The movie with all its aura of art film could be misleading, since the film is weaved with humour largely, with certain values of life and its resolute nature.


A death in the family of Century Gowda, 101 years old (Singri Gowda) takes starkly different hues in the minds of his so Gadappa (Channegowda), grandson Thammanna (Thammaegowda S) and great grandson Abhi (Abhishek HN) and the movie follows each of them with their priorities and idiosyncrasies.


Temperamental and free spirited Gadappa is old and not really interested in the worldy pleasure anymore and have no interest in the family heirloom. On the other hand, his son Thammanna, with lot more years in his life to live is interested in the property of his grandfather and its ultimate ownership. The young Abhi in the meantime falls for a girl in the village and he has no eye for anything else anymore.


But no matter what their vision of life is, the responsibility of the funeral of the old man looms over them like a dark cloud, which has to be done after 11 days, and the movie takes us through the nuances of their minds and their dissimilar individualities.


The punch-line of the movie should be ‘effortless realism without pretentions’.  Director Raam Reddy has taken a humorous take on the very deep subject of family ties and made this movie which might make us laugh at the predicaments of the characters yet muse over it as it is so easy for us to go through it in our own lives. And that is the winning building block of the film. Except for the afore mentioned actors, most of the characters are depicted by regular villagers, and the director has given them a free hand, I believe, from what we see on the screen. The Mandvi dialect and mannerisms are quite impressive in them, which definitely is a plus point and possibly, one of the reasons for the award. And the director has made sure that the movie doesn’t reduce into a documentary of the rural life with his timely intervention and a firm grip on the fact that he wanted an artful feature film.


Screenplay by Eregowda has developed into a spectacular one with Raam Reddy’s story and Doron Tempert had made extra effort to make the simple story into a visual feast with his camera angles and long shots.


Thithi will be a very refreshing experience after the silly stunt and heroism movies which are basically the comfort food we go for.

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