Chakravyuha; Movie Review

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Loosely based on the Tamil movie Ivan Veremathiri (He is Different) by the same director, Chakravyuha is an out and out Puneeth Rajkumar movie with not much left to your imagination. The Ambareesh movie of the same name of the yesteryears has nothing to do with this action flick.


S Saravanan has mindfully changed the original theme with just a strain of it left in the Kannada movie. The storyline is rather run of the mill for the Indian viewers, though the presentation is uniquely masterminded with clever twists and visuals.  The much beaten story starts with the hero, a regular guy with civic sense and a fire burning inside for justice gets into trouble when he abducts the brother of a corrupt minister, even though the minister is charge sheeted and jailed for his crimes. Things go wrong when the mafia-connected younger brother of the minister is hell-bent to avenge his brother; things go from bad to worse for our hero, who is on the run and has the responsibility of protecting his mother and girl friend. The movie follows the sequence in the usual way, paving way for many an action sequences and a few love songs, ending in a predictable way (but we like it that way).


Puneeth Rajkumar’s 25th movie is nothing special and so many times boring and mundane. First half with more reality and less heroism is enjoyable and gives you goosebumps for the victory of the hero. But the latter part falls flat on its face with the customary formula sequences and flow of events. And the glitch comes as the hero’s name kept concealed from the viewers, forgetting that the whole movie is a flashback and we already know what happens at the end.


Puneeth is in form, especially while making minced meet of the rivals and romancing his girl friend. Rachitha Ram’s character is, for a change, made essential to the plot and the lady peps up her act quite commendably. Rangayana Raghu appears in a substantial role after a while and makes use of it to prove he is still around and kicking.


Cinematography is just average while the music by Thaman S is loud and many a time, disruptive. Songs are pleasing and hummable.


On an average, the movie can be watched once, and if you are a Puneeth fan, twice at the most.

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