Jessie Review

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When Pavan Wadayar takes the helm of a movie, people sit up and pay attention because they are quite sure that the movie will be something special, either in its storyline or treatment.

This time around also, the director didn’t disappoint the viewers with a twist in the storyline, which puts the genre itself at stake. Pawan has changed the flow of the story from a simple love story to a horror movie in one stroke, leaving the audience gasping. Dhananjay as Jessie Gift, Parul Yadav as the beautiful doctor who has many an admirers flying around her and Raghu Mukherjee as the husband and the third wheel in the story, are the ordinary people whom you see around your neighbourhood; until Pawan’s story turns a page and you see another scene, which needs another level of comprehension and understanding.

Dhananjay as Jessie is cute to look at, at most of the times and Parul as the pretty doctor has done a better job at her role. Raghu Mukherjee as the handsome bachelor worked through his handicap of being too feminine to give us a firecracker performance.

Malgudi’s scenic beauty and the looming horror are such contrast that you literally stop breathing at a point. After that, in the second half there are more characters, more twists and more events to keep you busy. Cinematography by Arul Somasundaram was obvious even from the short trailer with his smart use of lenses and angles. Songs by Anoop Seelin is almost petit, with most of the song without a soul and superficial.

Jessie is a good watch with its sincerity and straightforward story telling style.

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