Tyson Movie Review


Tyson, the Kannada movie which promised to be a non-stop action packed film, delivered what it promised with inconsequential fight scenes and deliberate action sequences thrown it just for the effect. The continuous dishum dishum gets under your nerve at times, and you wonder what the point of all this is.

The film is all about Vinod Prabhakar’s character, Tyson’s unrelenting effort to become a police officer and his struggle to be a righteous and straightforward police officer. The movie is one long mosaic of different episodes tied together and there is nothing you can call a story in it.

Prabhakar as the police wannabe and the real police officer is plausible, although the total expressionless face at times put you off. The romantic element in the movie with Gayathri Iyer is pleasant, especially because of the lady in the scenes. Suman Talwar also has done quite a nice job.

Ram Narayan does not have any tall claim for his movie and showcases an out and out action thriller without frills. The combined effort of Jassie Gift, RS  Ganesh and V Haricharan at the music front is a credit for the movie, which is otherwise too rough and dry. Other technicalities,  like cinematography, editing etc are average without much innovation or creativity.

Watch it if you are a Prabhakar fan and a action movie fan. 

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