‘Re’ Movie Review

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When you are instinctively a good director, even a hiatus of 10 years will not tarnish your talent, and Sunil Kumar Desai proves this point vehemently with his latest outing ‘Re’.

The movie is a humorous take on our idiosyncrasies, habits too deep to change, and our innate beliefs. A few ghosts (Casper the friendly ghost kind and not the other variety) are thrown in to get the point across and make the storyline more fluid. And above all this lurks the more serious theory with magnitude, what if we did things differently in our lives…

The hero is visited by a few ghosts in a locked up house, who are there to change the course of the lives of their predecessors,  with their help of their great great great grandson. They believe that one of their ancestors failed to marry his soul mate, triggering a series of wrong turns in the lives of all the men in the family, and want their grandson to correct the mistake by marrying the right person. They have vested interest in this, because by correcting the mistake, their life as ghosts can come to an end and they can go to the world they belong to.

The movie has different layers with different intentions and all of it converge finally at the end, making sense to all the events in the movie. Sunil Kumar made sure that every loose end is tied together and very tidily. He has taken particular interest in defining friendship and romantic relationship, very deftly. Ramesh Aravind does a thorough job with his comic timing and easy dialogue delivery. Harshika had already established herself as a good actress and with Re, she reinforces her career options. The rest of the cast with veteran actors like Ananth Nag, Shivaram Govinda Rao, Suresh Prabhu, Lokanath etc are in form in their roles.

Technically, Re needed a certain finesse in the handling of the camera and GS Bhaskar has perfected the shots, especially the ones with the wide angle shots with the ghosts. Kemparaju’s editing was sharp and avoided lack of continuity.


Overall, a family entertainer with a light note.


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