Akira Official Trailer Released

Akira Official Trailer Released-979fb702.jpg

Akira, the movie directed by Naveen Reddy G has come out with an impressive trailer, considering that the genre is as old as the Indian movie industry, with triangle love, family values, firebrand hero who is willing to go out of his way to teach the local gunda a lesson or two.

Avinash Tejeswar has come back onto the silver screen after a long hiatus with Akira. The leads of the movie are Anish, Aditi Rao and Krishi. The trailer has been a hit ever since it was released a few days back with the delectable theme, actors, tears and heartbreaks, revenge, action, family bonds….. everything you wish to watch in a movie.

The tagline the writer/director  Naveen Reddy came up with is quite catchy, which read as ‘based on your love story’, indicating that the movie is a cross section of the ordinary man’s life. Ajaneesh Loknath’s music sense has worked for this one, with ample BGM sensibilities evident in the short, 1.3 minutes trailer.

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