Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya Movie Review


Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya, the famous line from a famous song of a famous movie, is the title of the latest movie of Unni Mukundan, who, it seems have a thoughtless way of selecting his career moves. Despite his very good looks and acting skills, he is been seen in many movies recently, which are bound to go wrong at the box office and at the critique reviews.

The movie which is a village drama with a twist and a few surprise elements is a seemingly triangular romance and the unending frames of deceit and explanations. Prakashan (Unni) is the village electrician with a lot more in him like art and passion for everything a red blooded youth has. He is secretly in love with the village belle, Ashwathi (Sanoosha Santhosh), and knows that she reciprocates his feeling. But there comes a twist in the form of Parvathy (Prayaga Martin), who appears in the village from nowhere, and gives the impression that she is Prakashan’s wife. All hell breaks loose with the insinuation dragging all the beings involved in the mistake into a suspended agony.

A slow first half and a racy, hardly believably second half makes the movie, with Unni Mukundan trying very hard to make it to the big league. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the right canvas to portray it and this time also, his skills will go unnoticed in the myriad of mediocrity of the film. Sanusha, with her experience as a child artist chugs along famously, with artfully formed expressions and body language. Prayaga Martin shows her inexperience at times, though her chemistry with the male character is interesting. The other actors in the pivotal roles like Aju Varghese, Tini Tom etc are lost in the usual clichéd characters without much to get across.

Sajan K Mathew as a director shows potential, notwithstanding this film’s patchiness. Script by Abhilash Sreedharan tried to get OMVP into the right track with some intelligent situations and turns. Somehow, instead of giving the film a lift, these situations ended up being its breaking points with immature and bland handling in direction. Dhanesh Raveendran had a gala time with his camera roaming the countryside, but didn’t exactly seem good at following the characters.

Watch the movie for the earnest performances of the actors. 

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