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The average Malayalees either never had much problems with bringing up their children, handling the growing pains and psychological needs of their growing children because they had enough time to spend for them, or, they never went deep into these hurdles, and decided that kids can grow by themselves and they don’t really have much to do in the process.

Of late, Mollywood is analyzing in depth this phenomenon and coming up with interesting plots to get across what they think is right for the kids and the parents. School Bus is another attempt to crack the conundrum of workaholic parents and happy children, by Rosshan Andrrews, who has brought many meaningful movies to us.

Ajoy (Akash Muraleedharan) is not very happy with his life; either the family life where everything he does is criticized and punished, or the school, which is mundane and too full of books and teachers!!! So is his sister (Angelina Rosshan). He looks over the mountains in the distance from his high-rise, wondering what hidden secrets and pleasures are waiting for him there. He is listens to his classmates’ tales of free outdoor activities. Without guile, he tries to taste honey directly from the beehive, hurting his friends in the process….. the first half of the movie tells us about the boy, his neglected individuality and repressed exuberance. At one point, the child, along with his baby sister bunks class, loiter without the parents’ knowledge, for which they had to pay a hefty price. They are not satiated; they want adventure or at least get a taste of real life. are plotting a daredevil escapade outside the school and are hell-bent to execute the scheme, not knowing that it is to fall flat and get them in trouble. A police officer (Kunchacko Boban), who has a grip on child psychology and the natural stream of love for kids is brought in to handle the case. Parents (Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath) are brought into the scary scenario. Do they do a retrospect? Or they continue with their own individual lives with very little room for their offspring?

Throughout the movie, we feel the presence of Bobby-Sanjay magic with their meticulously written script. Rosshan with a deft hand directs the kids and parents, with the knowhow of how to bring the right moves from them. Kunchacko as the inspector, who defies the accepted aura stands out with his underplayed character. He, as an actor is who showed a spark in his earlier phase is blooming into a fine actor, nurturing that spark. Jayasurya and Aparna Gopinath also proves themselves that they deserve all the accolades coming their way. It almost sounds like they are married while discussing their kid and what went wrong, and the simple scenes with them sitting across each other without really being aware of the presence of the other. The child artists Akash and Angelina are practically living their roles without any self conscious gestures or expressions.

Cinematographer CK Muraleedharan captured the scenic beauty cleverly and the humans much better on his camera, allowing us to see right into each character’s soul. The movie is actually that – a peep into the souls and hidden away secrets in the characters’ minds. How much did the director succeed? Pretty Much. He has come across as a winner with this movie, revealing much more than earlier films of the same genre. Predictability in this genre is not exactly bad, because the plot is not the hero, but how it is presented to us plausibly and without much highhanded preaching. And Andrrews succeeds in it with the limited clay and mould he has.

A must watch for the working parents. Take your kids as well to the theatre.

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