Kammattipadam; Movie Review

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Malayalam movie, with a bunch of daring directors and actors is going through a metamorphosis, where they don’t see anything taboo or untouchable. Their take on everything evil in the world is shown with so much of honesty and with a certain absence of gentleness is the new trend, and Kammattippadam is one of the specimens.
Ernakulam as a small town on its way to become one of the most advanced cities in Kerala with all its backlashes and inhibitions is the centre of this bitter-sweet movie. The characters and events are true to life, and hence scary. Krishnan, one of the inhabitant of the yet to be big city, Kammattippadam is just one of the character who is pulled into the cesspool because of the life circumstances and survival instinct, his choppy life which takes him away from all of it to another city, the undercurrent of the presence of the syndicate which rules the area and the populace directly or indirectly affected by their deeds, different time zones in which the uncouth gang grows and controls the life….. it is a gangster story said from the viewpoint of Krishnan, one of the gangsters.
Dulquer Salman as Krishnan shows shades of his Kali character at time, and some other time the OK Kanmani role. Vinayakan, who scared us to death in Kali is back with a more substantial role of the gangster Gangan, who is a friend of Krishnan, which will give him a resounding standing ovation in the coming weeks months and years. Vinay Forte, P Balachandran, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Tom Chacko, Muthumani, Soubin Shaheer…… all of them were cast by the makers for a reason; their ability to become their characters.
Rajeev Ravi as a movie director proved his mettle as a director with his previous movies and this unapologetically violent movie also has his signature all over it. His style of making everything realistic, irrespective of genre is unbelievable and utterly enjoyable. The movie, thankfully, has an ‘A’ certificate, which is absolutely justifiable with the amount of violence and blood. P Balachandran has done a great job with the screenplay for the movie with its crassness enveloped by a touch of aesthetics. Madhu Neelakandan has worked wonders with the dirt and artificial blood which were the backdrop of many scenes. BGM by John Varkey and Vinayakan is absolutely on the spot, though the songs are more on the side of ordinary.
The movie on the whole is realistic to the point of being cringe-generating. If you are game for that, Kammattippadam will be a gratifying experience.

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