Aadupuliyattam; Movie Review

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Kerala is not shy of the special genre of ‘family horror’ with many a movies getting made with a tad bit of horror and supernatural mixed with the happy family drama. Aadupuliyattam also falls in this category and chugs along without any casualties.
The 600 year myth of the spirit of a queen who gave his life to save her husband and the king is the core of the movie. The contemporary times show the village people still believing in the myth of Chembakam, the queen who sacrificed her life and her spirit still guarding the old palace, now known as Chembakakkotta. Businessman Sathyajith doesn’t believe in this mumbo jumbo and is in the village and is the new owner of the Chembakkotta. People, including Matangi (Ramya Krishnan) doesn’t take this too lightly and is not too keen to be socially mixing with Sathyajith. But Matangi’s daughter and Sathyajith are quite cozy with each other which create problems. The movie follows the usual mantra-tantra and other courses to eradicate the myth and save the movie and the people.
Jayaram, has come into the limelight after a while, and has done his role well. He looks slightly old and heavy for his role, like Ramya Krishnan. She is beautiful beyond the regular and acts with the hangover of Baahubali. Little Akshara Kishore seems as if she cannot go wrong with anything she does with her 100 watt smile and natural dialogue delivery. Sheelu Abraham, Ompuri, Sambath, Ramesh Piosharody, Saju Navodaya, Siddique etc also had done their characters justice.
Kannan Thamarakkulam, who has done the lackluster Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare has upended his effort and it shows in the style of direction, which is crispier and not leaving anything to chance. Dinesh Pallath’s screenplay is conceivable and almost convincing. Ratheesh Vega has changed with the genre and has given a thorough BGM and pretty songs. Cinematography by Jithu Damodar is colourful and effective.
On the whole, with dubbed versions in Tamil Telugu and Hindi, Aadupuliyattam could be Jayaram’s ticket back into the limelight.

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