Mudhugauv Movie Review


The makers had made it impossible to ignore the debut movie of Gokul Suresh Gopi with their ingenious placing of teasers, trailers and snippets with finesse in front of us, showcasing the young man and his birthright.

And we had the pleasure of watching him onscreen for a little more than two hours to confirm that he is not all hype and have substance to go with it. Mudhugau is a team work with Gokul contributing substantially.

Now, the story. Bharat (Gokul), the young and handsome guy who loves life and everything about it, who shows his anger/love/happiness with a kiss to the one who is sitting next to him. Rambo (Vijay Babu), who obviously love the character ‘Rambo’, considering his hairstyle, and costumes, but hardly a Rambo on the inside. The story of the two moves side by side throughout the film, only to converge at the end.

Basically a comedy caper, there is thrill and death and crime also, giving the genre ‘thriller caper’ a meaning. But, like the dialogue Soubin says, it has the potential of a Shaji Kailas movie, which changes colour into a Priyadarshan movie, with the action sequences and crime and all the things grave into strings of laughter.

Gokul, with his father’s unmistakable gestures and mannerisms is quite an interesting discovery, with his stocky look and lovable face. Arthana as the heroine is not anything more to do in the movie. Rest of the actors is not any different from other movies they have done, except Vijay Babu. He is spectacular and absolutely adorable with his out of the ordinary body language and mannerisms.

The director has worked hard to bring the movie above mundane and give it that push to reach above average with little ticks and seasoning. The cinematographer Koogan Palani helped him to an extent with his right camerawork and shots. Music by Rahul Raj also has worked towards the goal of getting the movie to a new level.

If nothing else, the movie will make you laugh uninhibitedly through most of the movie and it is nice to see new faces on the screen.

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