James And Alice; Movie Review

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James and Alice, the directorial debut of Sujith Vasudev doesn’t claim anything tall and what it can’t deliver. From the beginning, they say that is is about James and Alice, two regular human beings who go through the wanes and waxes of life in their own style. James (Prithwiraj), a sculptor and a man of art, falls for a bank employee Alice (Vedhika) for the obvious reasons and are happy for a while. The money crunch, professional disappointments and disillusion in the general way, altogether can break any regular man, and when it is a aesthetic minded artist, it doesn’t take that much even. Their marriage is on the rocks, to the point of the wife going ahead with sending a divorce notice to the husband. The daughter, Pinky could be the binding glue for the rocky marriage. Or maybe not. The pace picks up in the second half slightly, with an unexpected turn to the otherwise docile flow, which could be called different, if you must.


Sujit Vasudev, the cinematographer turned director has tried very hard to make it stand out of the ordinary, but failed miserably. The theme is quite predictable in every sense, with each scene unbelievably familiar. The saving grace comes from the good looking actors and their onscreen chemistry, along with the child artist with her sprightly demeanor. Other actors like Parvathy Nair, Sai Kumar, Kishore Sathya, Sijoy, Sudheer Karamana, Manju Pillai etc also didn’t bother to make their characters different, at least slightly.


Sujit as the cameraman is another tale, altogether. Each shot is meticulously thought out and polished, whether it is the light in their eyes, the grief in their drooping lips or the wild anger coursing through the couple. Editor Samjith Mohammed didn’t have much to do but put the scenes together and wash his hands off. Gopi Sundar’s songs are the flavor of the movie along with his sensible and unobtrusive BGM.


A one time watch


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