Suraj Tom’s Pa-Va Has An Unseemly Duo

When we think of Anoop Menon and Murali Gopi, we remember serious movies with almost scary characters. But now, both the director/scriptwriter/actor duo are cast in an unlikely genre by the director. We are talking about Pa-Va, the debut venture of director Suraj Tom, which is rumoured to be a romantic comedy.

The title doesn’t make sense unless you are aware that the two characters played by Murali and Anoopare named Paappan and Varkey respectively. Murali Gopi, whom we have seen in movies like Ee Adutha Kaalathe, One by 2 etc in very serious and mature roles, cannot be imagined as a standup comedian. Neither can we imagine Anoop Menon, who has established himself as a stylish actor with movies like Life is Beautiful. Not only did Murali play an aged man in the film, he did croon a song ‘innu nhan’ for the composer.

Pa. Va. Is scripted by Ajeesh Thomas and produced by Siyad Muhammed under the banner of Safa Entertainment. Santhosh Varma’s lyrics are tuned by Anand Madhusoodanan and Alby will be the cinematographer of the movie.


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