Eating dark chocolate may helps you to sleep better: A study


Eating Dark Chocolates may help you sleep well at night as they have a vital nutrient which helps to regulate the body clock, a latest research has claimed.

Magnesium, contains in several foods like dark chocolate, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, helps cells to handle in the body's circadian rhythm, researchers from the University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge in the UK stated.

Researchers studied about three biological organisms - fungi, algae and human cells.

Using molecular analysis, they found levels of magnesium that oscillates as the cells undergo the 24-hour clock. This 24-hour rise and fall oscillation is significant to endure the cell's energy for a day.

Magnesium even controls the burning of energy whenever the cells biologically need it, researchers adds.

"The new discovery could undergo whole range of assets spanning human health to agricultural productivity," stated John O'Neill from University of Cambridge.

The research were published in the journal Nature.

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