Idhu Namma Aalu Review


When you wait for something indefinitely, the expectation quotient goes higher and higher, reaching a point where nothing can matchup with it. Idhu Namma Aalu also falls in to that criteria, with so many months of waiting by the audience and when the product finally hits the theatre, the real thing is nowhere near what they concocted in their mind.

An ordinary romantic comedy, the movie’s USP is, of course, the lead actors, and their off screen chemistry. Myla (Nayanthara) is a beautiful girl, who has a whirring mind, investigative and skeptical. Siva (Silambarasan) is a straightforward guy who is happy go lucky with a mind which doesn’t doubt anybody or anything. They are betrothed to get married. There comes the bone in the kabab (kabab meih haddi) in the form of the Sassy Priya, (Andrea Jeremiah), who had been Siva’s squeeze, for a while. The doubting mind of Myla is working overtime, making the life of Siva a hell. What happens next? Myla or Priya? Priya or Myla?

Silambarasan as an actor seems to be stuck on a rut all along, with not much improvement or decline in his acting skills, either because his skills are not really utilized or he believes there is no room for improvement and the audience like him as he is. Nayanthara sizzles with her oomph as well as her clipped acting skills. So does Andrea, slightly playful at times and dead serious at other. now, Soori is one of the actors who is working his way into the hearts of the viewers, proving that he has more than just comedy to show them.

Pandiraj’s vision of love and expression of love are endearing always, and INA is not much different in that department. Siva’s love for his ex and current, his affection for his roomy (Soori) and their chemistry, his dilemma…. everything is portrayed on the screen for perfectly, like any man who wears his heart on his sleeves. Young at heart, the movie is all about the love and compromises, which works into your heart since there is not much melodrama and over the top acting. After Sunset franchise must have influenced him a bit, we assume.

Kural makes his debut as a music composer with this film, and as a man who grew up with movie in the background, has done quite a decent job. The rest, are simply routine, like the editing, cinematography etc, which don’t come to play a vital role in this movie.

Watch it for the actors, and the know what all the hype was about. 



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