Marudhu; Movie Review


The movie which has monopolized this week, Marudhu, is another Muthaiah effort, in the similar lines of his earlier movies Kutti Puli and Komban. Effectively same rural scenarios, same gist in the story, same emotional overtures, and same super action sequences and a whole lot of violence done in a non apologetic way, feigning necessity, Marudhu does not exactly spring any surprises at us.
Vishal’s character, a farmer, with goodness running through his veins (which is vouchsafed by his friend Soori), falls for the lawyer’s daughter and when the cronies try to disintegrate his lady love’s family, comes out as the lion tattooed on his arm to save them, and in the process, save his precious village and all that the villagers hold dear. Nothing special, nothing which we haven’t heard before.
And then there are the women in the movie, who are not the atypical soft and petit women of India, but who fight for their rights and struggle to put a brave face in adversity. It definitely is a point to ponder and is worth a standing ovation for the director.
Vishal as the rural thunderbird is agile while fighting, soft while loving and daring and hard as a diamond while confronting his enemy. His sparkling eyes speak more than his tongue and the tall dark and sinewy man stuns you with his performance. Sri Divya as his girlfriend has come a very long way from the school student in Pencil, be it her body language or her expressive face. Radha Ravi as the soft spoken baddie is efficient, as always, along with his crony, RK Suresh. Kulapulli Leela proves that language is not a barrier for her while playing the role. The relationship between the grandson-grandmother is slightly overplayed and hence a little trying for audience who like things in perspective.
Everything else, including music and cinematography is kind of functional and nothing more. Stunt coordinator had a handful in the movie, with so many action sequences with digital camera enhancement that he loses the thread at times, and honestly, so do we.
Maruthu is strictly for viewers who love a movie which is in every sense what they had been anticipating, without any shock or surprises.

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