KO 2 Movie Review


As you watch the second franchise of the movie, KO-2, you feel an uncanny déjà vu. You cannot place where you have come across so many details before. Like the kidnapping of a grown man in position, fighting for a cause….

Well, KO-2 also is a political thriller, involving an indignant Kumaran, a journalist (Bobby Simha) who becomes a self appointed vigilante. Kumaran kidnaps the Chief Minister (Prakash Raj) and asks for a several actions from the government as ransom, which actually doesn’t hold water. Eventually, we are shown the real motive behind the kidnapping with a resounding flashback. We see the real colour of the home minister (Ilavarasu) and his connection with the crime syndicate.

A thriller which is extremely underplayed, both by the director and the script writer. Instead of the adrenaline pumping scenes shown in dark hues, the movie merely tells us the events, snatching away that edge of the seat moments from the audience. But it comes like a breath of fresh air after the movies which are released for exclusively giving us that rush. Neither does the movie preach. What goes against the grain is the slow motion love songs, which is absolutely out of place in the movie. We could have gulped down a Mani Ratnam style love scene without the song sequence.

Bobby Simha as the journalist sparkles with the right gestures, minimalistic movements and simple, almost imperceptible face expressions. Prakash Raj also has underplayed his role, without the mandatory raised voices and bulging eyes. Ilavarasu as the antagonist is convincing, especially with his simple expression of careless arrogance while the police takes him away. Nikki Galrani is has nothing much to do in this male oriented movie except look pretty and talk with love. Music composer Leon James have given a subdued BGM to match the overall mood of the movie, which works alright.

The movie has made sure that it touches all the contemporary events like Swatchh Bharat, Chennai Flood and privatization of education and public distribution of liquor.

A movie which gives you goodbumps despite lacking in out of the world action sequences, for the sheer fact that it ends well and is a feel good movie.

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