Pencil Tamil Movie Review


The movie, which started shooting many years back give the actors of the movie a specific young look, which we find unbelievable, forgetting that they were actually that young when the movie shooting started.

A unique theme, heavily adapted from a (yes, you guessed it) Korean movie, young and pretty actors and a light approach to the theme are assets to ‘Pencil’, which is a story about adolescent school children and their love and hate histrionics. Shiva (GV Prakash) Maya (Sri Divya), Nitin (Shariq Haasan) etc are the students of a upper end school. Shiva and Maya are lovey dovey, while Nithin is not too advanced in his bullying since he has the backing of his rich father, who is an actor. However, he was found dead one day, which gives the movie its much needed twist and it goes on into another genre altogether.

The actors, who are facing the camera for the first time look unseemly weak and unprofessional, probably we have seen them much older and more professional in other movies. Shariq Haasan as the miscreant, looks authentic and plausible.

Though Korean movies have unusual themes, they execute it in a more credible way, which is lacking in Pencil, which went topsy turvey with the introduction of 'desi’ undercurrent and dialogues. Mani Nagaraj as the debutant director tried to save it with his individual ideas and innovations, but failed miserably to bring out the novelty. Gopi Amarnath’s camera work is commendable, especially with his panning the scenes in long shot even when there are important events happening. Music by GVP also is amateurish, compared with his later works.

A teenage movie gone haywire. One time watch.




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