Kalam; Movie Review

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Kalam, a relatively less promoted movie is a horror thriller with a twist. The director Robert Raaj hoodwinks us with the slow pace in the beginning to submissiveness, just to throw the unpredictable end.

Gautham (Azmat) can’t see eye to eye with his father; he is self righteous and opposes his father’s wayward activities to grow his empire of real estate. He leaves the country with his wife (Lakshmi Priya), just to be called back by his mother. They, the husband, wife and the kid, live in an isolated, old house arranged by his father and immediately starts feeling something off about the house.

Are they really experiencing paranormal activities? Do the corpses buried in the courtyard of the house have anything to do with it? what is done to get the hapless family away? All these make the movie with a spectacular end to it, which is the USP of the movie.

The first segment of the movie hardly makes you believe that this is a horror movie, with its melodramatic scenes and snail pace fit for a family film. Later the pace picks up to bring you to the edge of your seat.

Most of the actors are lost in the labyrinth of noise and special effects camera work. Lakshmi Priya seems earnest to make her presence felt as the wife. Azmat as the husband is just around. The cinematographer Mukesh had a field day with the interiors of the bhoot bungalow and that’s just about it, with the rest of the scenes manipulated in the labs. BGM, like any movie of the genre is loud and unbelievably mundane.

If you are planning to catch this movie, sit through to the end.

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