Jabardasth team attends court


The team of Jabardasth, TV programme has landed in a legal issue recently and their team attended the sub court in Huzurabad as the complaint was filed by the local advocate Arun Kumar from Karimnagar against the actors, Judge Naga Babu, Roja and the production Company Mallemaala. According to the advocate, in one skit, the content was degrading the profession of the lawyers as they showed the Indian Judiciary system in demeaning way. The court issued notice to 22 members.

Chammak Chandra, Racket Raghava, Shaking Sheshu, Madhu and Nageswara Rao attended the court. The court adorned the case for next hearing to 30th June. However, it’s not the first time that Jabardasth team is facing any legal issue, earlier many times, they have faced legal problems. It is a famous show which aired on ETV


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