Befikre Movie Review


By Jani Divakar Rao, December 9, 2016.

Most awaited #YashRaj Movie #Befikre has finally released and has received a good response from the audience. However, it also had some drawbacks which could be ignored by people. Most of them hit theatres to watch chemistry between #Ranveer and #Vaani.

This movie is a romantic one with its title as “Befikre” which means without any worries. It depicts about two people who love each other with no worries. Their love affair turns out be bold challenging each other with dares.

Movie makers made sure that the capture each and every chemistry scene between Ranveer and Vaani.

• The movie is about Ranveer Singh, an adventurous boy who visits Paris for a job and enjoys his life.

• The movie shooting was splendid as max of its shooting was done in Paris, which added beauty to the movie

• And there he meets French born Indian Vaani Kapoor.

• From there their chemistry starts and that is being the sole reason which is attracting whole audience.

The main drawback of this movie was that there are so many kissing scenes that have overpowered the whole movie. The fun factor which is in the movie is completely lost because of it. It seems that Ranveer is on spree to become the next serial kisser after #EmraanHashmi.

Movie reviewers are already predicting that movie is going to cross 24 crore in its first weekend. Many are expecting a lot from this movie as it is #AdityaChopra’s movie after a gap of 2 years. The songs are already hit. So let’s see what fate awaits for this movie.

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