Shah Rukh Khan's Fan Movie Review


Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha de Souza, Sayani Gupta
Music: Andrea Guerra
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Written by: Habib Faisal
Direction: Maneesh Sharma

Basic Plot:

Can an obsession be good? What ever form it takes can it make you an individual or will it just let you fall down even in your eyes? How much can you own a person? How lonely do you feel when the person you love doesn't reciprocate in the same manner? Doesn't being you yourself and then an admirer help you?? How thin is the line between a criminal obsession and an innocent admiration?!

Gaurav Chandana (Shah Rukh Khan) is a die-hard fan of Aryan Khanna ( Shah Rukh Khan). He imbibes him so much into his life that for him thinking about Aryan is equal to living and breathing through every second. His obsession has no bounds. He is best impersonator of the actor and he is his look-a-like too. One evening on Dussehra he wins a best fan competition and likes to share that with his star on his Birthday. The lack of an easy access to the star he loves so much hurts him. But his admiration towards the man leads him to hit another actor who wants to damage the image of Aryan Khanna for his own good. Aryan doesn't encourage this and he disowns Gaurav as his fan. What did hurt Gaurav do? How far his obsession to gain an apology from his favourite star took him to? How did the clash end? Watch the things unfold on-screen....

About the Performances:

Shah Rukh Khan the man who rocked the Nation with his villainous portrayal in the films like Darr, Baazigar and then with his honesty as Sunil, in Kabhi haan Kabhi Naa is back and how. He owned the film through out and delivered more than the script asked from him.

He just took the scene to the next level and covered all the loop holes in the logics with his strong performance as Gaurav Chandana and Aryan Khanna. His expressions as an obsessed fan who saw his favourite star for the first time in life will leave tears on all the fans who love their stars. The actor who became so scarce with the arrival of the 'star' in SRK has comeback with a vengeance. The level of emotions that he can portray even with heavy prosthetics and VFX covering his face is too phenomenal. Well he deserves all the awards this season.

All the other actors in the movie performed perfectly to the roles they were given and added to the authenticity of the film. It is Shah Rukh Khan's one man show and it remained a one man show for the whole part of it!

Technical Points:

Kudos to the director Maneesh Sharma for coming with such an idea and pushing the actor in the SuperStar who was long hibernating. He brought back the honesty that was missing from his lead actor's earlier films and the writing aided him in his ambitious dream.

Habib Faisal is known for writing simple scripts and realism. His writing in Fan even though did go a bit over the top at few places he did manage to bring a ting of realism and believability to the proceedings with his dialogue and character sketch. He could have easily gone completely wrong and overboard with his imagination and possibility but he tried to remain as grounded as he can possibly be.

Director, the captain of the ship, Maneesh Sharma did extract a great performance from his lead actor, but he did loosened his grip on the proceedings towards the end of the story. He did provide a real environment for the characters to grow on the audience but he did had a issue when he had to balance the action sequences. At times he had to rely on the editors prowess to cover the glitches.

He did maintain a great sense of pacing and made the movie very very enjoyable. Editing by Namrata Rao is commendable. She was brilliant in not loosing the emotional core of the movie in accordance to keep it pacy. Towards the end though she could have done a better job.

Visual Effects and Make up team does deserve all the awards for their effort as they were successful in creating an authentic look -a like to the star and if for a second anybody could not recognise the actor and thought he was different then it's their mastery and actor's immense hard work.

Back Ground Score by Andrea Guerra deserves a special nod as he was successful in enhancing the feel the movie was going for. Cinematography by Manu Anand was top notch.


As a story or a plot line, Fan is very simple and it's message is highly predictable. But the entire team with the help of the lead actor, Shah Rukh Khan's power packed performance were able to deliver the message with an enjoyable experience. It takes immense self belief and conviction to pull of a film like this and Shah Rukh Khan just proved again why he is called, 'King Khan'. Even though film does have issues, the over all impact created by the lead actor does make you overlook those minor glitches. It does have a serious tone and not made with the cliches that became so necessary in a Bollywood film.


This is a different film from the SuperStar, reassuring his fans and general audience, that he is still that actor, they loved. Must watch for all the film lovers and also be very prepared for a high on content serious film. Gaurav does make sure that he will stay with you for a long time.

Rating: 3.5/5

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